March 9, 2014

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, "Chambers"

I never would have pegged the west coast of Mexico as being a hot destination on the psych rock trail. But such are these times; great bands pop up everywhere. This Mexican duo — from what I can gather, husband and wife, with her playing bass and guitar and doing most of the singing, and him playing drums and guitar — has a throbbing, motorik sound, heavy on the long, two-chord jams that bounce at dance-friendly tempos. Production is all thick syrup and deliciously lo-fi. Rare does a song kick off without gobs of flange and echo and chorus looped in. Keys and feedback coat everything a fuzzy, Velvets-like drone. Guitar solos amble and ring with acid-fried tones, but they don't soar and slice or show any great heroics. I really like the moodiness and commitment to the grooves on the record, which seems to be their third, though this is the first one that's seeing wide release. There's enough punk energy here to stand up to the best psych from Cali or Austin, but there's also an otherness to it (the fact they're from far-flung Mexico?) that's super refreshing. So gobble up some hongos and Bohemias and kick it.