March 6, 2014

Morgan Delt, "Morgan Delt"

There's something extraordinary in Morgan Delt's tea. The man's self titled album is filled with woozy pop that sounds like it was blasted forward in time from 45 years ago, but it crashed here instead of 20 years in the future where it belongs. It's busy psychedelia — very, very trippy. Each song is awash in organ, echo, and twisty melodies. The bass bobs and bops along at the front, often acting as the sole source of propulsion (this is not an album drummers are gonna flip over). It's my guess that Delt not only sings, but also plays every instrument, skillfully following all the complicated changes on a chart somewhere inside the fog of his skull. You won't be putting this on because you want something sunny to sing along to. It's too outrĂ©. But it's lovely and brilliant anyway.